Canyon Chapel

Foursquare Church

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Canyon Chapel
720 W. Sheridan Ave
Williams, AZ.  86046
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Service Time:

Sunday 10:00 a.m.


Weekly Schedule:

Sunday Service- 10:00 a.m.

Kid's Church- Sunday 10:30 a.m.

Hispanic Bible Study-

     Thursday 6:00 p.m.


Ministers:  The People
Sr. Pastors: Ken and Lori Edes
Associate Pastors:                   Dave and Gwen Nenne
Assisting Ministers: Marlene Cole Dr. Art and Wilma Cole





Featured Messages:

Below are featured messages by various speakers.  To listen to the message, click on the title.  To save the message to your computer, right click on the title and choose "Save Target As".
Our Core Values

Our Mission- Ken Edes 8/25/13

Fellowship- Ken Edes 9/15/13

These Things and More- Lori Edes 9/22/13

Giving: A New Testament Perspective- Dave Nenne 10/6/13

True Worship- Marlene Cole 10/13/13

Relationship Part 1- Ken Edes 10/20/13

Evangelism- If You Build It They Will Come- Dave Nenne 10/27/13

Relationship Part 2- Ken Edes 11/3/13

Missions- Ken Edes 11/10/13

Marvelous Faith Part 1- Ken Edes 11/17/13

Marvelous Faith Part 2- Ken Edes 11/24/13



Ken Edes


The Best Version of You Pt 4- 7/3/16

The Best Version of You Pt 3- 6/26/16

The Best Version of You Pt 2- 6/12/16

The Best Version of You Pt 1- 6/5/16

That Your Joy May Be Full- 3/27/16

Fear- The Enemy's Playground- 3/13/16

Repentance- A Life Long Concept- 3/6/16

It's Already Been Accomplished- 2/28/16

Spending Time With Jesus Part 4- 2/21/16

I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life- 1/24/16

Joy To The World- 12/20/15

Spending Time With Jesus- Part 2 10/25/15

Faithful With What Is Another Man's- 10/11/15

Riches For a Purpose True Riches Part 2- 3/8/15

Riches For a Purpose Blessing Mandate- 2/22/15

Riches For a Purpose Created to Create- 2/15/15

Riches For a Purpose Prosperity- 1/18/15

Riches For a Purpose The Tithe- 1/11/2015

Riches For a Purpose Part 1- 1/4/2015

Riches For a Purpose True Riches- 12/28/14

Generosity- 12/7/14

Freedom Part 3- 11/2/13

Freedom Part 2- 10/26/14

Fear of God- 10/19/14

Freedom Part 1- 10/12/14

We Serve A Big God- 7/20/14

Rest In Me- 7/13/14

Hope- 1/19/14

Kingdom Generosity- Provision- 12/15/13

Kingdom Generosity- 12/8/13

Understanding- 6/9/13

Kingdom Forgiveness- 5/5/13

Kingdom Repentance- 4/28/13

Our King- 4/21/13

Kingdom Power- 4/14/13

Where Are You Living?- 3/31/13

The Gospel of the Kingdom Part 6 The Currency of the Kingdom- 3/24/13

The Gospel of the Kingdom Part 5- 3/10/13

The Gospel of the Kingdom Part 4 Kingdom Spheres- 3/3/13

The Gospel of the Kingdom Part 3- 2/24/13

The Gospel of the Kingdom Part 2- 2/10/13

The Gospel of the Kingdom- The Good News- 2/3/13

Gimel- Help is On the Way- 1/13/13


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Lori Edes


Thanksgiving- 11/16/14

Sons and Daughters- 2/2/14

The Extravagant Father- 1/26/14

Rubber Boots or Stilettos Part 2- 5/19/13

Rubber Boots or Stilettos Part 1- 5/12/13

Opening the Gates of Blessing Part 2- 1/27/13

Opening the Gates of Blessing- 1/20/13

Blessing And Cursing- 3/4/12

City Of Healing- 2/5/12

The Father- 1/29/12

A Word Of Hope To Our Hearts- 12/11/11

Aspects of Royalty: Dreams- 6/12/11

Aspects of Royalty: Loyalty and Forgiveness- 6/5/11

Aspects of Royalty: Understanding- 5/29/11

Aspects of Royalty: Courage- 5/13/11

Women of Influence- 5/8/11

Water Attracts Water- 10/10/10

A Cloud The Size Of A Man's Hand- 2/28/10

Get The How Out Of Here- 4/26/09

Make Your Decree Before God- 4/19/09

In His Majesty's Secret Service- 3/22/09

You Are a Prince of Heaven- 3/1/09

God is For You- 1/4/09

Serve the Lord With Joy- 6/29/08

The Acts of the Disciples Part 1- 5/18/08

The Inheritance of Blessing- 10/7/07


Dave Nenne

Wholeness- 7/24/16

      Wholeness Power Point Slide- 7/24/16

The Wilderness- 7/10/16

The Goliath Factor- Overcoming Fear- 2/7/16

The Holy Spirit- 3/1/15

Powerful Prayer Part 1 9/21/14

After Whose Image- 2/16/14

Expecting the Messiah- 12/22/13

The Church- 12/29/13

Don't Look In The Ark- 7/14/13

Seeing the God Moments- 3/17/13

Perspective- 2/17/13

Arise Shine- 1/6/13

Looking To Jesus- 10/7/12

Peace- 8/26/12

What Is Our Purpose? Part 2- 7/15/12

What Is Our Purpose?- 6/10/12

Being A Whole And Healthy Child Of God- 2/19/12

Matthew Chapter 11- 10/30/11

Together With  Christ- 9/18/11

A Father and a Son- 6/19/11

Putting Feet to Our Faith- 3/20/11

The Angels of Christmas- 12/12/10

With Thanksgiving- 11/21/10

The Renewed Mind Part 2- 11/8/09

The Renewed Mind Part 1- 11/1/09

What Has God Spoken Over You?- 10/25/09

The Spirit of Revelation- 9/13/09

The Kingdom of God Part 2- 5/3/09

The Kingdom of God Part 1- 4/5/09

Seeing God's Grace- 1/18/09

The Glory of God is Upon You- 1/11/09

The Love of the Father- 9/14/08

The Work of the Cross Part 6 Receive Blessing and Favor Through the Work of the Cross- 9/7/08

The Work of the Cross Part 5 The Work of the Cross FOR you releases the Holy Spirit to work IN you- 8/31/08

The Work of the Cross Part 4 The Power of the Blood to Keep You Clean- 8/24/08

The Work of the Cross Part 3 The Power of the Blood to Make You Clean- 8/17/08

The Work of the Cross Part 2 The Inability of the Law to Make You Holy- 8/10/08

The Work of the Cross Part 1 The Nature of God- 8/3/08

In Love With An Unseen God- 3/30/08

What Are You Listening To?- 2/17/08

Don't Play Golf, Bake Bread- 1/27/08

The Sovereignty of God Part 2- 9/23/07

The Sovereignty of God Part 1- 9/16/07



Guest Speakers


Mary Case- Honor and Freedom- 5/29/16

Marlene Cole- Being Fully You and Loving It- 5/1/16

Gwen Nenne- God's Purpose- 3/20/16

LaNora Morin- 11/9/14

LaNora Morin- 11/8/14

Mary Case- The Goodness of God- 2/9/14

Pastor Joel- Spiritual Warfare- 9/1/13 

Pastor Joel- The Importance of a Desert Time- 9/1/13 pm

Tim Janes- 7/22/12

Art Cole- What Is A Missionary? 11/6/11

Art Cole- Living In The Process Of Life- 9/11/11

Pastor Chima- 7/31/11

Gabe Beatty- What Is Sin- 7/24/11

Gabe & Crystal Beatty- The Dance Part 2- 7/23/11

Gabe & Crystal Beatty- The Dance Part 1- 7/22/11

John Rusk- Finding Out What God Wants To Do In Your Life Now- 7/10/11

Nathan Olgesby- The Prophetic- 6/26/11

Gabe Beatty- Covenant of Worship- 3/13/11

Art Cole- 9-19-10

Tina Marie- 6/6/10

Valente Vivanco- The River- 5/16/10

Mike Fuller- A Little More Life In My Day- 1/17/10

Jay Schroeder- 9/20/09

Ray Perkins- 9/20/09

Landon Merrill- The Seven Dwarfs- 8/30/09

Landon Merrill- The Jonah Effect- 7/19/09

Landon Merrill- The Children of Israel- 6-28-09

Bob Kimball- The Covenant of Blessing- 1-25-09

Bob Kimball- The Blessing Has Already Been Given 11/30/08

Bob Kimball- The Resurrection 9/28/08

Dennis Shearer- The Kingdom of Heaven 5/4/08

Larry Addison- Testimony 4/27/08